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Simple Health Strategy: Prep Your Week’s Menu on Weekends

Websites are filled with health strategies written by people who seem to have an unlimited budget and unlimited time. Great tips for 2% of us. For the other 98%, we need real world strategies. Here’s a imperfect-but-workable time management strategy we use in my family.

A Fighter's Weight Loss Diet

Two-thirds of Americans have no idea how to get to their perfect weight.
Others are in professions which require them to maintain precise weight, such as fighters and bodybuilders. What can we learn from fighters?

Is it Really Harder for Women to Lose Weight?

A new study says that it’s harder than ever for women to lose weight. It says you’ll need 60 minutes of exercise every single day. What they neglect to highlight is what the women in the study ate every day. I wonder if that’s an important detail?…..

Obama Care and Natural Health

Obama Care is here. What’s the opinion of those of us in “alternative medicine” and “natural medicine”?
As for myself, I’d prefer freedom.

Great Supplement Companies, and Their Flaws

There are great supplement companies out there, and I love talking about them. But some of them are upset because I don’t love ALL of their products. Nobody gets it right all of the time, and I just can’t pretend that anyone - including my favorite companies - have flawless lineups.

Vita-Mix Soup Recipe

It’s a snowy, icy day in Oklahoma - perfect for some homemade Vita Mix soup. This one is a favorite in our family, and it can be done in any variety of ways.

What I'm Trying - Coconut Butter

Wanna make the mainstream medical community crazy?

Tell ‘em that you’re eating fat! And not just any kind of fat - saturated fat.
Turns out, coconut fat is not only tasty, but it’s among the healthiest fats you can eat.

Upgrade #2: Admit That Comfort is Over-Rated

Have you seen the footage from Haiti?
Those people are REALLY suffering, and yet we complain if they’re out of our favorite coffee at Starbucks. If you’re addicted to food, it’s time to get over it.

Upgrade #1: Use Inspiration Sparingly

I admit that I love “inspirational” talks. Always have. But when it comes to getting healthy, sometimes you need more than inspiration. And you need to get beyond the stage of “being excited”. Somewhere along the way, you gotta focus on the process.

"They" Can't Decide if Obesity is a Problem

Is America’s obesity problem really a problem at all??
Some don’t think so - but the ones protesting obesity claims may be over in the corner puffing some smokes, angry that government puts warning labels on their cigarettes…

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