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Are HPV Vaccines Dangerous?

Are you considering having your daughter take the Gardasil vaccine as a preventative against HPV? Make sure you’ve considered all the facts before you make that choice.

ANTI-Cancer. A Great Book, But I Have One Criticism

A doctor of conventional medicine learns about the power of natural approaches to health. Read about how Dr. David Servan-Schreiber replaced his confidence in chemo and radiation with the substantive and well-researched nutritional remedies.

WARNING LABEL OF THE WEEK: Forgive Me In Advance For This One

I don’t like the idea of judging a book by the cover. But when it comes to this one infomercial guy, you just can’t help yourself….

Genetically Modified Foods, Apple Cider, and Cold-and-Flu Season

Are you sick this time of year?
Is it simply because this is “the cold and flu season”?
Or is there something more basic - like the kinds of foods you’re eating this time of year?

Even The Mainstream Media Is Disgusted By The SPLENDA Study

You’d expect me to criticize the pharmaceutical and fake food industries. I did that last week with the new Splenda study. But I’m not the only one. Read how the mainstream media is correctly disgusted with how the Splenda manufacturer is reacting to the negative study about their product.

What I'm Trying: ZenBev

Tough for a lot of people.  Used to be tough for me, with all the insomnia mixed in with the restless leg I used to have.
Then I found Doug Kaufmann, followed his antifungal approach to health, and haven’t looked back.  But, as a someone who is assigned to review and comment on supplements, I still [...]

What I Took For Joint Pain, (Instead of Vioxx)

Let’s say you had knee pain and the doctor told you he had something that would probably make the underlying joint problem worse, has likely killed over 100,000 people, but will relieve the pain. You’d probably want an alternative option. So did I. Here’s what I did instead.

Warning Label of the Week: SPLENDA May Cause Huge Weight Gain!

Are you using Splenda as an alternative to sugar or Nutra Sweet, and hoping that going “sugar free” will keep the pounds off? A new study may make you think twice about that decision. (Hint: Body Mass gains of up to 104%. OUCH!)

My 2008 Health Experiment - Diet or Supplements?

Get rid of your symptoms with supplements alone?
Do you try to overcome a bad diet with great supplements? Is that even possible?
My 2008 Health Experiment demonstrates why most people fail to reach their best health ever.

The Disaster of Drug Companies Hiding Negative Studies

Your prescription drugs may be deemed, “safe and effective” by the FDA. But what if the FDA only saw the positive studies on the drugs you’re taking, but none of the negative ones? How safe would you feel if you knew that the negative studies actually outnumbered the positive ones?

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