Sleep the Fat Away

According to a study performed in the 1980's, if you sleep more, you might just lose a few extra pounds.

Garlic Saves the World Cup

OK, maybe it didn't save the World Cup for everybody, but the Argentine soccer team just might think so.

Pay Attention

When reading health news, pay attention or you might miss the REAL story.

Question Everything!

Did you ever wonder why you were doing a certain part of your diet or exercise program?  Is it simply because everybody else does?  You might want to take a deeper look at everything you do.

A Fighter's Weight Loss Diet

Two-thirds of Americans have no idea how to get to their perfect weight.
Others are in professions which require them to maintain precise weight, such as fighters and bodybuilders. What can we learn from fighters?

Is the Sun There to Kill You?

Before you run out and buy 100 SPF sunscreen, just realize that the sun isn’t beating down on us to kill us. In fact, it produces the hottest (yes, a pun) anti-cancer nutrient on the planet.

Is it Really Harder for Women to Lose Weight?

A new study says that it’s harder than ever for women to lose weight. It says you’ll need 60 minutes of exercise every single day. What they neglect to highlight is what the women in the study ate every day. I wonder if that’s an important detail?…..

Obama Care and Natural Health

Obama Care is here. What’s the opinion of those of us in “alternative medicine” and “natural medicine”?
As for myself, I’d prefer freedom.

Great Supplement Companies, and Their Flaws

There are great supplement companies out there, and I love talking about them. But some of them are upset because I don’t love ALL of their products. Nobody gets it right all of the time, and I just can’t pretend that anyone - including my favorite companies - have flawless lineups.

Vita-Mix Soup Recipe

It’s a snowy, icy day in Oklahoma - perfect for some homemade Vita Mix soup. This one is a favorite in our family, and it can be done in any variety of ways.

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