What I'm Trying - Coconut Butter

Wanna make the mainstream medical community crazy?

Tell ‘em that you’re eating fat! And not just any kind of fat - saturated fat.
Turns out, coconut fat is not only tasty, but it’s among the healthiest fats you can eat.

Upgrade #2: Admit That Comfort is Over-Rated

Have you seen the footage from Haiti?
Those people are REALLY suffering, and yet we complain if they’re out of our favorite coffee at Starbucks. If you’re addicted to food, it’s time to get over it.

Upgrade #1: Use Inspiration Sparingly

I admit that I love “inspirational” talks. Always have. But when it comes to getting healthy, sometimes you need more than inspiration. And you need to get beyond the stage of “being excited”. Somewhere along the way, you gotta focus on the process.

"They" Can't Decide if Obesity is a Problem

Is America’s obesity problem really a problem at all??
Some don’t think so - but the ones protesting obesity claims may be over in the corner puffing some smokes, angry that government puts warning labels on their cigarettes…

Health Experiment Update - Injured, But Not Out

If you have a goal, do it.
When you’re planning it out, though, realize that the road is not always smooth. Whether it’s illness or injury, you have to be prepared to stay the course even in the face of challenges.

Buffalo Meat. MMmmmmm.....

You’re trying your best to eat only the best kinds of foods. Don’t forget the meat! Especially when it’s grass-fed beef, or buffalo meat. Both of these are new to most people, but buffalo is especially so. You’re going to be amazed at how good this stuff is.

In Praise of Sardines

If you have to pack a lunch or if you’re always on the road, or if you just need some convenience, sardines are the way to go. Dr. Jonny Bowden calls them “Health In A Can”. It took me a while to try these little guys, but I finally did just last week, and now I’m hooked.

I Love Helping People, But This Is Ridiculous

Have you ever tried to really give some good advice to someone, only to have that person completely reject it, and then blame you for failing to help them?
Welcome to the life of the nutritional counselor!

Why Natural Medicine May Not Be Working For You

You’ve been sick for a while, and you’re now turning to “alternative medicine”, you may not be getting the results as quickly as you’ve seen with other people. (Keep doing it anyway!) Find out why your results may be taking longer than you thought, and how to prevent it in the future.

Why Drugs Should Be Advertised, (and Supplements, Too!)

If you sell supplements, or if you grow organic food that is known to promote health, you’re severely limited in what you can say about their effectiveness. But if you sell drugs with side effects, you can advertise on the evening news. Is this fair?

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