Great Supplement Companies, and Their Flaws

I’m a supplement guy, and love supporting them any way I can.  Plus, I now have a lot of friends in the supplement industry.  Guy Evans from Bioactive Nutrients is a friend; I like him and I like his products.  Same way with Stuart Tomc of Nordic NaturalsMark SissonFrank Jordan, Dr. Grace Ormstein from Himalaya, and scores of others.

In some cases, I start by liking the owner, and then like their company by extension.  Sometimes, it’s just the opposite, where the company is so good that I can’t help but respect the owners.

In EVERY case, however, this is what I find:  There are great companies with outstanding products, but among ALL of their lineups, there are a few duds.  I rarely find exceptions to this.  It doesn’t undercut my respect for the owner, nor does it lessen my love for their outstanding products.  (It’s just like this blog - some articles work, others don’t.  It just happens.)

I bring this up because I intend to do something soon.  I’m gonna critique more products on this and other websites.  In some cases, I’m gonna have to criticize some of my friends’ products.  If I only told you how great all my friends’ products were, you’d think I was just a spokesperson for them and didn’t have the guts to see flaws where they exist.  If I can see my own flaws, I think I can be honest enough to see others’.

One of the things I’ve noticed lately is that there are people on several websites and TV shows who have said, “Kyle Drew says he doesn’t like [Product X]“, and the owner of the company hears about it and thinks I’m berating the entire company.  Listen - there are several companies that I have NOTHING good to say about, and I’ll list them happily.  But most of the time, I find companies who have great products, mixed in with a few products that don’t make the grade.

The weird part is when a company has a great product that doesn’t sell.  For example, Bioactive Nutrients has a product called ImmunoViva, which is a mixture of berry seed oils.  It’s incredible.  The people he buys the berries from jacked up their prices and now it’s just not cost-effective for most people to buy it.  But it’s one of the best immune enhancing supplements I’ve ever seen.  Never sold much, though.

There are other products that I would never take, but sell quite well.  Focus Factor, for example.  It’s the #1 brain health supplement in America, but I’d never spend money on it, myself.

It starts by being, basically, a multi-vitamin.  Then it kicks in 692 mg of a proprietary blend of brain health ingredients.  Problem is, I believe you’ll need more than 692 mg of each of several of the ingredients to have a serious effect!  In my opinion, this is a product that has the right idea and many of the right ingredients for cognitive health, but isn’t potent enough to make the difference it could if the potency was elevated.

(Another problem is that some ingredients are best taken on an empty stomach, while others should be taken with food for maximum absorption.  Depending on when you take some products, certain ingredients are just passed right through the body without really doing anything.)  There are other products for cognitive health that I like far better, but this one had some great marketing behind it and won the day.  (I should say - I don’t think Focus Factor is awful or that the company is bad.  I just wouldn’t spend that kind of money for a product that has such weak potency.)

So, as we start reviewing certain products, you’ll find that some of my favorite companies carry products that just don’t cut it for me.  Other companies have great marketing, but mediocre products.  I’m hoping that my buddies in the industry are clear-headed enough to realize that nobody is perfect 100% of the time - especially myself.


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