Obama Care and Natural Health

I’ll go on the record and declare that I’m against the “Obama Care” bill that was passed on Sunday.  I could talk about the trillions of dollars of debt we’re already facing.  I could talk about how Social Security and Medicare are going broke.  I could talk about unemployment and priorities - and I could talk about the risk of future unemployment when a “small business” is forced to let people go in order to pay for the new benefits they’re forced to provide.

But instead, I’ll focus on freedom.

I believe in Natural Health, (or Alternative Medicine, if you like), for virtually everything except for emergency care, catastrophe, and cosmetic/plastic procedures.  I believe solid nutrition, great supplements, and regular exercise will prevent and even turn around most chronic conditions, and that pharmaceuticals and surgery tends to work best in crisis scenarios.

The thing is, though, I don’t believe YOU should be forced believe this.  I think you should choose your own health philosophy.

A few years ago, certain states wanted to ban trans fats.  As much as I’m opposed to the consumption trans fats in my own diet, I’m even more opposed to forcing others to adopt my eating habits.

I’m ardently opposed to many of the pesticides we spray on our crops, and I’m ardently in favor of clean, organic foods.  But I’m convinced that the souls of human beings under oppression is more damaging than simple food choices.  I’m convinced that you’d be better off eating conventional food by choice than organic food by compulsion.

I believe that I do have the right to rail against pesticides and pharmaceuticals and companies, but I don’t have the right to be heard.  Further, I don’t have the right to force my choices to be your choices.

What this Congress has done is force all of us to adopt their health philosophy.

The following could literally happen to myself and my clients:  I could be doing nutritional counseling for a client, and part of the advice would be to eat a certain way and adopt certain habits.  In doing so, the client may not need pharmaceutical medicines anymore, (which is the rule, not the exception).

Yet, in effect, the client would still has to pay for their old medicines, even though they’ve stopped taking them.  They have to purchase some kind of insurance - insurance that pays for health strategies they no longer need or even agree with.

If I need medicine, I’d like to pay for it.  If I need nutrition, I’d like to pay for it.  But if I’m forced to pay for either one under compulsion, my ability to pay for the other is thwarted.  How dare someone force that decision upon me!

Listen - if I were in charge, I’d do everything I could to convince you to eat well.  I’d try to help you overcome your need for certain medicines.  I’d encourage you to have catastrophe insurance.  But at the end of the day, if you want to choose a different path, that’s up to you, not me.  Some people do everything right, and are still sick.  Some people, like my dad, have never eaten a healthy thing in their lives, and are in perfect health.  Forcing a person to choose one path over another is the height of arrogance.

I love freedom.  (In some ways, I feel like that sentence should read, “I loved freedom”.)

While you can still afford to do so, I encourage you to freely choose real health.




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