Health Experiment: My Recovery, My Updates, and Your Comments

I’ve gotten a few phone calls this week from people who have read my articles on this website and other publications.  They were reading about my 2008 Health Experiment, and called to wish me well, and ask if I was “recovering”.

You’ll need to read the introductory post about this health experiment to understand fully.  Basically, for the last few months, all I’ve been doing is taking great supplements, but eating poorly.  That’s it!

(Here’s the first article:–-diet-or-supplements/)


This simple switch from eating well and taking supplements, to eating poorly and taking supplements has caused shock waves.  First, I haven’t felt great.  Low energy and cloudy thinking.  Secondly, symptoms long-gone are returning – asthma, sinus congestion, headaches, insomnia, restless leg, psoriasis – all the usual suspects.

All of this was pretty predictable.  After all, when you eat poorly, what do you expect?

Here’s the unpredictable part:  How people have reacted to my experiment.  I’ve gotten e-mails and calls from people across the country, horrified that I’m doing so poorly.  “Why would you subject your body to that?”, “Are you sure you’re OK?”, “Is someone paying you to do this?”, and “How could you be so stupid?” are among the more common questions I’m getting.

Here’s the even more fascinating part:  NOBODY reacts this way to an average person who is inadvertently doing the same thing I’m doing.  NOBODY is shocked when his or her best friend is taking great supplements, but eating poorly.  Furthermore, not many people are worried when they or their loved ones take no supplements and eat virtually nothing nutritious.

Truth be told, I’m heartened by the shock and horror that my first Health Experiment post generated.  I’m thrilled when people see the emptiness of taking supplements without coupling it with a great diet, (… and exercise… and sleep…).  

Now, to the updates:

1).  If you’re over 30 and eating poorly, I don’t know how you do it.  I feel worse than I ever remember feeling – and I’ve backed off the experiment!  This lack of energy is pathetic, and the other symptoms are nearly unbearable. 

2).  I’m amazed at how addicting bad food is.  Donut holes and pizza are, like, a gift from an evil genius.  I fully admit, I’m completely addicted all over again.  I never drink soda, hardly ever have candy, but pastries and pizza/fried foods are crazy good.  Except, in the waning days of this experiment, I noticed that the duration of the pleasure-effects of these foods seemed shorter.  In the beginning, a pizza would satisfy me for days.  But in the last month of the experiment, an hour after polishing off a whole pizza, I’d be sniffing around the cabinet for cookies or something.  NOTHING seemed to satisfy very long.

3).  Sleep is slowly coming back, but my wife tells me that I’m snoring really loud now. 

4).  The psoriasis is slowly going away, but I can tell that it could still pop up at any time.  It’s sort of “under the skin”.  When I get out of the shower, I can barely see the red splotches under the skin, but after a few minutes, it goes away.  I need to continue to anti-psoriasis strategy, for sure.

5).  Thank goodness, I can breathe again now.  After only a few weeks of being off this death-diet, I’m not wheezing anymore.  Asthma, if you’ve never experienced it, feels like suffocation.  Like you’re in an elevator that has nearly filled to the top with water, and panicked, you’re sucking up the last few cubic centimeters of oxygen up in the corner.  If you’ve ever had it, or you’re currently experiencing it – seriously, you need to contact me for some nutritional counseling.

6).  I’ve been rightly criticized for playing “fast and loose” with my health experiments.  Those of you who have reminded me of this are right.  I’m 38, and I can’t keep playing these kinds of games.  For example, I’ve shared with my radio audience some of the following guinea pig experiments I’ve done: 

A couple of years ago, I started chewing nicotine gum to try to addict myself to it, so I could figure out which natural supplements actually worked for breaking this addiction.  I actually found something that worked.  I need to write an article about that…

In the mid-90’s, I had high cholesterol, and was able to reduce it really quickly with natural products.  It worked so well, so fast, that I tried to drive myself into high cholesterol a couple of more times to see if the same program would work again and again, (which it did).

(I’m reading over the list that I was going to write, and I realized that this is all going to sound pretty bizarre.  Suffice it to say, I’ve done a few health experiments throughout my life…)

The point of doing all of these is to add a personal element to my nutritional recommendations.  I’ve experienced an awful lot of symptoms in my life – many of which I was told I’d never overcome.  (A lot of you have experienced this, too.)  But thank God, they were all overcome, (except for my receding hairline…). 

When I visit with people, I don’t like to just spout off a lot of theory and studies.  I want to have experienced their feelings myself, and I want to be able to give recommendations based both in science and personal success with the products.

BUT, the criticisms are correct.  At 38, I don’t need to keep playing these games.  At this point, I’ve done an awful lot to educate myself and experience what others experience.  It’s probably time to close the book on this strategy, and just stick to what I’ve learned over the years.

OK, I’ve promised that in future posts I’ll give you the details of the good strategies I employed.  I’ll also share something that I think will be incredibly helpful – how I drove myself into symptoms.  Why would this be helpful?  Because I want to show you how easily a person can usher in illness, and how people are inadvertently doing this to themselves every day.

Hope this is useful for you.



I’m doing. NOBODY is shocked when his or her best friend is taking great supplements, but eating poorly. Furthermore, not many people are worried when they or their loved ones take no supplements and eat virtually nothing nutritious.LG C7

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