Are HPV Vaccines Dangerous?

 I lived in Texas for the first two years of my employment with Doug Kaufmann.  The last year I was there I was appalled to hear that Governor Perry had issued an order requiring that the HPV vaccine be administered to young girls of a particular age.  (I would have expected more out of a governor who claims to be in favor of freedom, not governmental mandates over our health.)

My friend, Cathy Rott, who is a tremendous health freedom advocate and nutrition expert, sent me some terrific websites tonight that publish vaccine data.  I think everyone who has children should begin hearing both sides of the vaccine debate.  You’ve probably only heard the pro-vaccine side.  Time for some balance.  Take a look at these when you have a minute.;jsessionid=Ls1Q2X1GGF1Lg9WYQLThw1JQF7Vcn0yyXQ1nBK2cvnNgrXQZkbvk!-2060166207!181195629!8091!-1


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HPV diseases are routinely taken care of by our insusceptible framework... ALL HPV contaminations. On the off chance that anybody has an endless HPV contamination they have an issue with their phone invulnerability (likewise called Cell Mediated Immunity). Absolute--Essays. It is nothing unexpected that, notwithstanding HPV, co-considers that are necessary for cervical malignancy to show up. They are smoking, oral contraceptives or another perpetual genital disease. These co-consider either debilitate cell invulnerability or are confirmation cell safety is weakened.