The Wall Street Collapse and Your Health

I know it doesn’t seem like an obvious connection between our financial crisis and health.  Maybe there really isn’t at first glance.

And no, this isn’t an article about how to deal with stress, (although a lot of you probably need help with that at this point).

This is actually an article about communication.

I don’t know who is responsible for the Wall Street collapse.  But here’s what I wish:  I wish there had been, perhaps, a Wall Street insider who had spent years working in the trenches of the stock market, who one day woke up and said, “I just don’t have faith in the way things are being done around here.”  I wish that he had then picked up his bags, walked out, and then did his best to warn us about the house of cards our economy was facing if it stayed on it’s course of runaway spending, uncontrolled debt, sham financial instruments, etc.

Now to your health.

I worked in the pharmaceutical industry.  I saw the house of cards this industry is building with respect to our overall health.  One day, I woke up and said, “I just don’t have faith in this anymore,” and I walked away.

Today, my job is to tell you in no uncertain terms that if you are dependant on pharmaceutical drugs for your “health”, you are on a bullet train to disaster.  Your “health” is a sham if all you’re doing is masking the problem with drugs while the real problem lingers on.

Many times I’ve described the pharmaceutical perception of health this way: Only treating symptoms without addressing the underlying cause is like smelling smoke and hearing your fire alarm go off, and dealing with it by getting a ladder, climbing to the top, and removing the battery from the smoke detector.  The alarm has quieted, but the fire blazes on.

Drugs are, for the most part, masks.  They are marketed as safe ways of dealing with biological nuisances.  Sometimes that’s good.  If I had an intractable toothache, I’d want a drug - one of those good ones!  If I were in a car accident and needed surgery, give me a good surgeon and some more of the really potent pain meds. 

But if I had high cholesterol, microvascular angina, acne, insomnia, restless leg, brain fog, etc., knowing what I know about how drugs work, and knowing that really potent natural solutions exist, I wouldn’t dream of taking a drug for any of those symptoms. 

Some of you could really use a wake up call from someone who has been inside the trenches and has come out to announce that there’s a better way.  There are a few of us out there – myself, (Kyle Drew), Doug Kaufmann, Dr. Lynn Jennings, Dr. Julian Whitaker, Dr. Roby Mitchell, Dr. Carolyn Dean, and others. 

So here, from this rooftop of a blog, I’m imploring you to wake up, educate yourself, and find some solutions that make sense for you and your family.  I promise you, to ignore this would be a disaster.


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