Pet Food Isn't "People Food"

I’m no expert at pet health except that I try to carry the same basic principles of health from the “people” world over to the pet world… at least sort of. 

I see a lot of companies trying to put carrots and Brussels sprouts and the like in their pet foods.  They’re trying to make their dogs and cats vegetarians, perhaps because they believe it’s the healthiest diet on the planet.  (I’m not a vegetarian, but I’m not opposed to anyone graduating from the Standard American Diet to a healthier, vegetable-rich diet.)  But I tend to think that the healthiest diet on the planet for dogs and cats is meat/protein-rich.

I came across a pet food line at the Health Food Center in Oklahoma City the other day.  It’s called EVO.  Meat is the first ingredient.  Turkey, chicken, herring, eggs – they’re all in there. 

My neighbor has a sick dog and I gave him some EVO.  Whereas before, the dog wasn’t eating anything, now with EVO, he doesn’t want to stop eating!  He has put on weight, starting to move around a little bit more.  I’m not saying EVO has cured him of anything, but he sure is doing better after getting a little meat in his diet instead of the wheat/corn/barley, “professionally prescribed” food he used to force down.

If you have a cat or dog, you may want to give EVO a try.

(If you’re a vegetarian, just look the other way while your pets dig in to something they were actually designed to eat!  They’ll love you for it.)


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Pets need more care then

Pets need more care then human being regarding their health issues. Being essay writer I have shared few cases where pets lost their life due to negligence. Being human we can describe our issue but pets can not do so, that's why we need to give special attention on their health issues.


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