Diabetes Drug Swells Up the Pancreas

The FDA has received several reports recently that the diabetes drug, Amylin, may be causing harm to patient’s pancreases.  In turn, the FDA is thinking about putting a “black box” warning on the drug. 

Here’s what a warning does.  It warns doctors of some potential side effects.  But there are so many side effects already, what will an additional warning do?  So, in addition to the paragraphs of potential side effects already listed, yet another side effect will now possibly be listed.

That’ll help!

You know, I’m no doctor, but I am a nutrition guy.  I have counseled lots of patients with diabetes and I’m used to seeing great things happen when people change their diet and take good supplements and start exercising.  I’m sure there will eventually be an exception, but so far, nutrition and exercise seem to win the day for most people.

I had a guy early on in my nutritional counseling days.  He was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  The doctor told him that he would be on the medication for the rest of his life, and that he’d eventually have to do the insulin shots.  He came to me and said, “Kyle, if this stuff you always talk about is real, now’s the time to really hit me with it.  But if it’s hype, don’t waste my time or money.”

Well, it’s real and it worked.  We put him on a simple diet, a handful of supplements, and an exercise routine that consisted only of walking.  He did everything perfectly.  In two months, he no longer needed the medication.  In three months, his A1C count was normal, and his doctor, in utter disbelief, deemed him “cured”.

I didn’t cure him.  The supplements didn’t cure him.  His body simply got what it needed to heal itself. 

Why in the world are we risking a hemorrhaging pancreas and black box warnings when things like carrots and chromium and walks around the block still exist and work even better?


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