Sleep the Fat Away

According to a study performed in the 1980's, if you sleep more, you might just lose a few extra pounds.

Yeah, right!

Sorry for the bait-and-switch headline, but I see this type of 'study' done all the time where the conclusion reached seems totally off the mark.  See, I recently read this article on WebMD describing a study performed on more than 9,000 people in the 1980's, where they compared the participants sleep habits with their levels of obesity.  You might want to read it before I continue on.....  

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Now we're back!  As you can surmise, the study found that people who slept less were more obese than heavy sleepers.

A couple of things seem a bit odd about this article (like why this is even news today), but the really odd thing is the researchers conclusion that the lack of sleep seems to cause obesity!

Am I the only one out here that wonders if whatever causes obesity might also cause lack of sleep?

Most everybody I know that's into natural health understands that the human body is incredibly complex, and identifying a single culprit to a complex problem such as obesity is quite frankly naive.  I'm not saying that the researchers in this particular study are blaming obesity only on lack of sleep, but the implication of the report is that if you sleep more you'll lose weight.  Personally I'm curious if these people were even capable of sleeping more if they wanted to.

Try to think in this fashion: if you're overweight, OR if you have sleep problems, you might have an underlying health issue that is fueling the problem.  In most cases, the issue is either improper diet, lack of exercise, pharmaceutical drugs, exposure to toxins, or a stressful lifestyle.  Fortunately, these are all situations that are under our control, and we can correct them ourselves.


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I have heard of exercising

I have heard of exercising the fat away or dieting the fat away but this is new, I must say. I am truly surprised to hear that sleeping can help loose weight. find out more here

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WoW! I had no idea sleeping

WoW! I had no idea sleeping could help you loose weight! This is shocking since the logical explanation would be the exact opposite. More you sleep, lesser physical activity you have in your routine. food processor for baby food

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