Saccharin is Now Safe? - Episode #48

The EPA has recently stated that the artificial sweetener Saccharin is now safe for consumption.  Really?  See what Kyle and Chuck have to say about this strange report.

Evening Out the Hormones - Episode #47

Women have it tough enough without wild hormonal swings.  Learn natural ways to 'level' the hormonal playing field.

Age Old Nutrition Advice - Episode #46

Watch Kyle and Chuck debunk some 'age-old' nutrition advice that many people still follow.  Check out what modern research has uncovered about these common practices.

Death By Medicine - Episode #45

Did you know that taking prescription drugs, AS prescribed, is one of the leading killers today?  See what Kyle and Chuck have to say about this current phenomena.

Ear Infections - Episode #44

Back from fall hiatus, the guys discuss this common seasonal malady that affects kids across the country.

Natural Medicine Chest - Episode #43

It's the time of year for sniffles, coughs, colds and the flu.  What's in Kyle and Chuck's medicine chests?  Watch and find out.

Diet Taboos - Episode #42

Kyle and Chuck dispel some of the common beliefs about modern dietary taboos.  Learn why meat, eggs and other fats may actually be good for you!

Difference Makers - Episode #41

Check out what Kyle, Chuck and a few friends of the show have done to make huge improvements in their overall health.

Pharmaceutical Tyranny - Episode #40

What supplements can you take to assist pharmaceutical drugs or offset their side effects?  The answer may surprise you ...

Mycotoxin Removers - Episode #39

Fungi cause sickness by producing mycotoxins.  Learn what supplements help rid your body of these potentially deadly poisons!

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