My 2008 Health Experiment - Diet or Supplements?

Get rid of your symptoms with supplements alone?
Do you try to overcome a bad diet with great supplements? Is that even possible?
My 2008 Health Experiment demonstrates why most people fail to reach their best health ever.

The Disaster of Drug Companies Hiding Negative Studies

Your prescription drugs may be deemed, “safe and effective” by the FDA. But what if the FDA only saw the positive studies on the drugs you’re taking, but none of the negative ones? How safe would you feel if you knew that the negative studies actually outnumbered the positive ones?

Are Cell Phones Dangerous For Your Kids?

It’s an extremely common-sense type of question: Do these devices that are unquestionably emitting radiation cause harm, or are they harmless? Without using the industry’s “research”, and just using your own gut instinct, ask yourself that question.

Safety Update on Pharmaceutical Drugs

Here’s a quick friendly word of warning for all of you taking pharmaceutical drugs: The FDA issued changes on the safety labeling of fifty-one, (51), drugs during the month of June. That’s fifty-one changes in one month!

The Wall Street Collapse and Your Health

I worked in the pharmaceutical industry. I saw the house of cards this industry is building with respect to our overall health. One day, I woke up and said, “I just don’t have faith in this anymore,” and I walked away.

Diabetes Drug Swells Up the Pancreas

The FDA has received several reports recently that the diabetes drug, Amylin, may be causing harm to patient’s pancreases.  In turn, the FDA is thinking about putting a “black box” warning on the drug. 
Here’s what a warning does.  It warns doctors of some potential side effects.  But there are so many side effects already, what will [...]

WARNING LABEL: A Weak "Weight Management Protein Drink"

A family member recently joined a reputable multi-level company, and I’m starting to be asked to evaluate a lot of their products.  So far, I’m not impressed, (especially for the cost).
This time, it is a “weight management” powder.  Now, normally I love meal replacement powders, (“MRPs”).  There are some good studies showing that if the [...]

What I'm Trying: VPX's Meltdown

I don’t take supplements for fat loss, but Meltdown is marketed as such.
I don’t take “thermogenic aides”, but Meltdown is billed as having thermogenic properties.
I don’t usually take supplements that warn that they could increase your heart rate and/or blood pressure, but Meltdown warns about these possible symptoms.
In spite of all of these red flags [...]

WARNING LABEL of the Week: An MLM's Low-Potency Hype

I have no problem with multi-level marketing companies.  I was in Excel once, and really liked the company, but I’m just bad at doing what it takes to succeed.  There are some good nutritional MLM companies out there, and I am not attacking the multi-level concept of marketing products in any way.  I’m just pointing [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What's the difference between paying for medicines vs paying for supplements?

Good question!

This came right after yesterday’s post. “If you really wanted to help that man who was paying $400 for his prescriptions, you wouldn’t just trade his prescription costs for supplement costs. You’d figure out a way to reduce his need for all health costs!”

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