If you don’t know who Doug Kaufmann is, or watch his TV show, Know the Cause, make sure to click on one the links.  There’s a whole new world of health theory out there, and I think Doug got it right.
I started working for Doug in 2005.  Dream job.  The first “job” I truly loved.  [...]

WARNING LABEL: A Weak "Weight Management Protein Drink"

A family member recently joined a reputable multi-level company, and I’m starting to be asked to evaluate a lot of their products.  So far, I’m not impressed, (especially for the cost).
This time, it is a “weight management” powder.  Now, normally I love meal replacement powders, (“MRPs”).  There are some good studies showing that if the [...]

What I'm Trying: VPX's Meltdown

I don’t take supplements for fat loss, but Meltdown is marketed as such.
I don’t take “thermogenic aides”, but Meltdown is billed as having thermogenic properties.
I don’t usually take supplements that warn that they could increase your heart rate and/or blood pressure, but Meltdown warns about these possible symptoms.
In spite of all of these red flags [...]


According to story in USA Today on August 8th, we should expect prices for certain common pharmaceutical drugs to increase by as much as 1000%. And why wouldn’t they? Who’s going to protest?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What's the difference between paying for medicines vs paying for supplements?

Good question!

This came right after yesterday’s post. “If you really wanted to help that man who was paying $400 for his prescriptions, you wouldn’t just trade his prescription costs for supplement costs. You’d figure out a way to reduce his need for all health costs!”

Marketing Framed As Science

One of the things we in the natural health field are accused of is “ignoring science”.  This is laughable, of course, but it highlights how well the conventional medicine machine has done at casting us as ignorant and naïve.
I’m not the one to look to for high IQ, academic gravitas.  I’m just a guy from [...]

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