Pilates, The Sequel - Episode #38

See how badly Chuck needs Pilates in Part 2 of our interview with our favorite Pilates instructor, Donna Hamilton.

The World of Pilates - Episode #37

Pilates is an amazing exercise program that can benefit everybody, no matter what their physical condition.  Watch as Kyle and Chuck learn from Donna Hamilton, one of the best Pilates instructors in Oklahoma.

Breast Cancer Awareness, or Prevention? - Episode #36

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but Kyle and Chuck prefer Breast Cancer Prevention Month instead!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Multivitamins - Episode #35

When purchasing supplements today, we are often faced with a dizzying array of multivitamins.  Learn the differences, and why you might want one type versus another.

Chronic Migraines, Now What? - Episode #34

Kyle and Chuck discuss how to deal with migraine headaches in a 10 year old boy.  Check out these great suggestions for this all-to-common problem.

12 Myths About Breast Cancer, Really? - Episode #33

A recent article on MSN about 12 breast cancer myths has the guys concerned.

Finally! Quality Grass-Fed Whey - Episode #32

Kyle has finally found REAL grass-fed whey protein!  Watch Kyle and Chuck discuss these two new great products.

12 Superfoods for Weight Loss? - Episode #31

A recent article on MSN describing 12 Superfoods for Weight Loss has the guys a bit confused.  Join in the fun and watch Kyle and Chuck's heads explode!

Regimen for Post Menopause - Episode #30

Kyle and Chuck are asked about a supplement regimen for a healthy post-menopausal woman.  Watch what the guys have to say about this common topic!

What's the Dosage? - Episode #29

With supplements, is it better to split doses, or take all at once?  Can you take more than the recommended dose?  See what Kyle and Chuck have to say!

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