I've Taken Antibiotics, What Next? - Episode #28

The guys discuss the next steps for recovery after taking a round of antibiotics.

Awesome Chocolate Milk! - Episode #27

Thought you'd never have chocolate milk again?  Think again, as Kyle and Chuck explain how to make this awesome, nutritious drink!

What Do You Do About Bread? - Episode #26

A viewer's question about tortilla wraps opens up a whole discussion about bread in general.  What do the guys suggest?

Don't Take Calcium (Take Silica!) - Episode #25

Kyle and Chuck discuss one of the best supplements to help prevent Osteoporosis and other conditions.... Silica!

Simple Health Strategy: Prep Your Week’s Menu on Weekends

Websites are filled with health strategies written by people who seem to have an unlimited budget and unlimited time. Great tips for 2% of us. For the other 98%, we need real world strategies. Here’s a imperfect-but-workable time management strategy we use in my family.

My Solution to the Salmonella Outbreak

In light of the recent recall of over a half billion eggs possibly containing Salmonella, what can be done to prevent this from happening again?

At the Goat Farm - Episode #24

Kyle takes a visit to his favorite goat milk farm, Dreamy Hollow Dairy Goats in Norman, Oklahoma.

Your Questions, Vitamin D3, Fish Oil and Probiotics - Episode #23

Kyle and Chuck discuss their favorite sources of Vitamin D3, Fish Oil and Probiotics.

Your Questions, Motivation - Episode #22

A viewer asks how to motivate people to make permanent, healthy lifestyle choices.

I've Crashed in the Andes and I'm Hungry!

Most of us older folk remember the book Alive, The Story of the Andes Survivors which describes the harrowing (and true) story of a Uraguayan Air Force plane carrying a rugby team that crashed in the Andes mountains in 1972.

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