Raw Goat Milk - Episode #21

Chuck introduces Kyle to an amazing 'new' perfect food that's been around for thousands of years..... raw goat milk!

Your Questions, Exercise - Episode #20

The guys discuss exercise, and whether or not one type of exercise is necessarily 'better' than another.

Your Questions, Weight Loss - Episode #19

Kyle and Chuck discuss a viewer's question about weight loss, cholesterol and low thyroid.

Your Questions, GERD - Episode #18

Kyle and Chuck answer a viewer's question about stomach pain (GERD)

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant?

The show 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant', on the Discovery Health Channel, has rapidly become one of my favorite shows.

Don't Eat Rocks! - Episode #17

Calcium supplements are making headlines today, tied to increased levels of heart disease.  Learn why the type of calcium supplement makes a huge difference.

Cholesterol, The Real Story - Episode #16

More people than ever are taking cholesterol lowering medication today.  Learn what causes high cholesterol, and what those pesky 'bad' and 'good' cholesterol numbers really mean.

E3 BrainON Review - Episode #15

Kyle and Chuck test E3 BrainON, a great new blue-green algae supplement.

Grass Fed Whey Protein - Episode #14

Kyle talks about a product that does not hold up to it's name; Grass Fed Whey Protein

We're Spending Too Much on Food!

People living in the US actually spend less on food than most other developed countries, but in one particular case, we're still paying way too much.

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