Superior Reds/Miracle Reds Review - Episode #13

Kyle and Chuck review Food Science of Vermont's Superior Reds, as well as MacroLife Naturals Miracle Reds.

Jordan Rubin, Kyle's Thoughts - Episode #12

Kyle talks about Jordan Rubin, author, health personality and founder of Garden of Life.

Calcium, Should We Be Concerned?

A recent study out of New Zealand showed that people who took calcium supplements for preventing osteoporosis had an increased chance of heart attack.

Sinus Buster Review - Episode #11

Kyle and Chuck discuss a HOT product.... Sinus Buster!


Colostrum, the Proper Way - Episode #10

If you're taking colostrum and simply swallowing it, you're missing most of it's benefits!  Kyle and Chuck discuss the proper way to take Colostrum.

Things We Like - Sinus Flushing

For me, colds were always followed by sinus infections, but not anymore.....

Grass-fed Milk - Episode #9

We've all heard of grass-fed beef, but what about grass-fed milk?  Kyle discusses the benefits of milk from grass-fed cows.

A Website You Should Visit

There's tons of good information available on the internet, here's one site that you should spend some time viewing.

Cheap Supplements - Episode #8

Not every supplement breaks the bank.  Learn of two that are cheap and effective.

Your Body's Fingerprint - Episode #7

What works for you, won't work for somebody else.  Learn how your body responds to your diet.

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