Detect Alzheimer's Earlier Than Ever!

Detecting Alzheimer's early sounds like a great thing, but a recent development seems like just another step in the wrong direction.

Grain Free - Episode #6

Most people think grains are healthy, but Kyle and Chuck have other opinions.

It's The Company You Keep

Is getting healthy merely a matter of hanging out with healthier people?  It just might be in Colorado!

Exercise - Episode #5

Kyle and Chuck discuss an important aspect of health that is often ignored by most people.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Episode #4

A simple, bare-bones approach to deal with a very common digestive problem.

Sleep the Fat Away

According to a study performed in the 1980's, if you sleep more, you might just lose a few extra pounds.

Garlic Saves the World Cup

OK, maybe it didn't save the World Cup for everybody, but the Argentine soccer team just might think so.

Simple Strategies - Episode #3

Simple strategies that you can implement as you begin your road to better health!

Pay Attention

When reading health news, pay attention or you might miss the REAL story.

Question Everything!

Did you ever wonder why you were doing a certain part of your diet or exercise program?  Is it simply because everybody else does?  You might want to take a deeper look at everything you do.

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