Misdiagnosed! Parasite Mistaken for a Brain Tumor!

Woman in Phoenix thought she had a brain tumor, but it turned out to be a worm, (parasite)! Thank goodness she had it removed, and not go through chemo and radiation. I wonder how many other people are being treated for “diseases” that are actually fungi or parasites?

Inexpensive Cures - Organic Too Expensive? No Problem!

The economy is hitting all of us, and now it’s decision time. Do we spend money on organic foods, or do we risk eating contaminants that are ever-present in conventional farming? Knowing which foods are most at risk may help us make the decisions easier.

Exiting Pharmaceutical Addiction

A friend called for help. After the surgery years ago, she needed pain pills, as any of us would. But the need has only grown to the point that she has forgotten how to live a normal life without them. Just because they are prescribed by a doctor doesn’t make pills any less addictive…

Question of the Week: Super Nutrients or Basic Nutrients? (Both!)

Who wants to take advantage of the best supplements ever made?
Well, you can ONLY AFTER you’ve graduated from the basics.
The super nutrients do wonders, but only with a solid nutritional base underneath.

The Perfect Storm of "Flu Season"

It’s not just “flu season”.
It’s “cloudy days, sugary snacks, comfort food, and bulky clothing” season.
Are these the real reasons we get sick this time of year?

The Case Against Flu Shots

The pharmaceutical industry’s flu shot PR campaign is in full swing. You’ll soon see news footage of the huddled masses clamoring outside clinics for the limited-time-only elixir. You can’t get away from the “pro-flu shot” messages. Time for some balance…

Inexpensive Cures - The Medicinal Spices

The economy is on everyone’s minds. Health need not be exorbitantly expensive, though. What if some of the most concentrated nutritional powerhouses were right in your cupboard? Good news - they are. It’s time to get to know the medicinal spices.

Bumetanide, Water Pills, Losing Weight, and Steroids

ESPN is reporting several players have been tested positive for Bumetanide, a water pill used both for weight loss and for hiding steroid use. Millions of non-athletes have gambled their health to try losing a few extra pounds using water pills - pounds that will be gained back in mere hours…

How to Design A Basic Supplement Program

You’re drinking mangosteen juice and glyconutrients every day, but your diet is awful and you’ve never taken multivitamins. For some reason, you’re just not feeling a whole lot better since you’ve been taking the expensive supplements. Maybe it’s time to start over with the basics.

Health Experiment: My Recovery, My Updates, and Your Comments

The first half of the year, I ate right, supplemented right, and exercised right.
The second half of the year, I’ve ONLY been supplementing right. I had to stop because the symptoms have been too intense. How’s the recovery? What have I learned?

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