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Viewer Questions

Questions sent in by viewers of HealthShot.TV

Regimen for Post Menopause - Episode #30

Kyle and Chuck are asked about a supplement regimen for a healthy post-menopausal woman.  Watch what the guys have to say about this common topic!

What's the Dosage? - Episode #29

With supplements, is it better to split doses, or take all at once?  Can you take more than the recommended dose?  See what Kyle and Chuck have to say!

I've Taken Antibiotics, What Next? - Episode #28

The guys discuss the next steps for recovery after taking a round of antibiotics.

What Do You Do About Bread? - Episode #26

A viewer's question about tortilla wraps opens up a whole discussion about bread in general.  What do the guys suggest?

Your Questions, Vitamin D3, Fish Oil and Probiotics - Episode #23

Kyle and Chuck discuss their favorite sources of Vitamin D3, Fish Oil and Probiotics.

Your Questions, Motivation - Episode #22

A viewer asks how to motivate people to make permanent, healthy lifestyle choices.

Your Questions, Exercise - Episode #20

The guys discuss exercise, and whether or not one type of exercise is necessarily 'better' than another.

Your Questions, Weight Loss - Episode #19

Kyle and Chuck discuss a viewer's question about weight loss, cholesterol and low thyroid.

Your Questions, GERD - Episode #18

Kyle and Chuck answer a viewer's question about stomach pain (GERD)

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