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In The News

Cancer Update - Episode #51

Kyle and Chuck discuss the latest up-to-date news concerning cancer, and what you can do to help fight this horrible disease.

Obese Babies - Episode #50

We know that our children are getting more and more overweight, but a recent report shows that 1/3 of babies under 9 months of age are ALREADY obese! Learn what's behind this modern day problem.

Saccharin is Now Safe? - Episode #48

The EPA has recently stated that the artificial sweetener Saccharin is now safe for consumption.  Really?  See what Kyle and Chuck have to say about this strange report.

Breast Cancer Awareness, or Prevention? - Episode #36

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but Kyle and Chuck prefer Breast Cancer Prevention Month instead!

12 Myths About Breast Cancer, Really? - Episode #33

A recent article on MSN about 12 breast cancer myths has the guys concerned.

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