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Shows explaining various supplements and their uses.

Tonic Herbalism Update - Episode #58

The guys are definitely 'taking' something!  What's all this talk about Chinese Tonic Herbalism, and why does it apply to you?  Check it out and see.

Tonic Herbalism - Episode #57

Are the guys getting into some far out, freaky stuff?  Or, is there more to Tonic Herbalism than you think?  Check out this episode and see!

Medicinal Mushrooms - Episode #56

Men landing on the moon.... the fall of the former Soviet Union.... Kyle embraces medicinal mushrooms..... WHAT!!!!!!  This episode will definitely surprise you, check it out!

Our Favorites of 2010 - Episode #52

2010 introduced us to a lot of great ideas in the world of health.  Watch as Kyle and Chuck present their favorites of the year.

Natural Medicine Chest - Episode #43

It's the time of year for sniffles, coughs, colds and the flu.  What's in Kyle and Chuck's medicine chests?  Watch and find out.

Pharmaceutical Tyranny - Episode #40

What supplements can you take to assist pharmaceutical drugs or offset their side effects?  The answer may surprise you ...

Mycotoxin Removers - Episode #39

Fungi cause sickness by producing mycotoxins.  Learn what supplements help rid your body of these potentially deadly poisons!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Multivitamins - Episode #35

When purchasing supplements today, we are often faced with a dizzying array of multivitamins.  Learn the differences, and why you might want one type versus another.

Finally! Quality Grass-Fed Whey - Episode #32

Kyle has finally found REAL grass-fed whey protein!  Watch Kyle and Chuck discuss these two new great products.

I've Taken Antibiotics, What Next? - Episode #28

The guys discuss the next steps for recovery after taking a round of antibiotics.

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