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Shows explaining various supplements and their uses.

Don't Take Calcium (Take Silica!) - Episode #25

Kyle and Chuck discuss one of the best supplements to help prevent Osteoporosis and other conditions.... Silica!

Don't Eat Rocks! - Episode #17

Calcium supplements are making headlines today, tied to increased levels of heart disease.  Learn why the type of calcium supplement makes a huge difference.

E3 BrainON Review - Episode #15

Kyle and Chuck test E3 BrainON, a great new blue-green algae supplement.

Grass Fed Whey Protein - Episode #14

Kyle talks about a product that does not hold up to it's name; Grass Fed Whey Protein

Superior Reds/Miracle Reds Review - Episode #13

Kyle and Chuck review Food Science of Vermont's Superior Reds, as well as MacroLife Naturals Miracle Reds.

Colostrum, the Proper Way - Episode #10

If you're taking colostrum and simply swallowing it, you're missing most of it's benefits!  Kyle and Chuck discuss the proper way to take Colostrum.

Cheap Supplements - Episode #8

Not every supplement breaks the bank.  Learn of two that are cheap and effective.

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