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Basic nutritional and diet advice

Tonic Herbalism Update - Episode #58

The guys are definitely 'taking' something!  What's all this talk about Chinese Tonic Herbalism, and why does it apply to you?  Check it out and see.

Tonic Herbalism - Episode #57

Are the guys getting into some far out, freaky stuff?  Or, is there more to Tonic Herbalism than you think?  Check out this episode and see!

Medicinal Mushrooms - Episode #56

Men landing on the moon.... the fall of the former Soviet Union.... Kyle embraces medicinal mushrooms..... WHAT!!!!!!  This episode will definitely surprise you, check it out!

Four Hour Body Diet Update - Episode #55

It's been awhile since our last show, so let's check in and see how Chuck's doing with the Four Hour Body Diet introduced in episode 53.

The Four Hour Body Diet - Episode #53

Chuck's trying the 'slow-carb' diet described in Tim Ferriss's new book, 'The Four Hour Body'.  Find out what's involved, and see if you might want to add this to your weight loss strategy for 2011.

Vegetarian Phase 1 Diet - Episode #49

Is it possible to eat a Phase 1 diet AND also be a vegetarian?  Yes, it is!  See how Kyle and Chuck think a bit 'out of the box' on this one.

Evening Out the Hormones - Episode #47

Women have it tough enough without wild hormonal swings.  Learn natural ways to 'level' the hormonal playing field.

Age Old Nutrition Advice - Episode #46

Watch Kyle and Chuck debunk some 'age-old' nutrition advice that many people still follow.  Check out what modern research has uncovered about these common practices.

Diet Taboos - Episode #42

Kyle and Chuck dispel some of the common beliefs about modern dietary taboos.  Learn why meat, eggs and other fats may actually be good for you!

12 Superfoods for Weight Loss? - Episode #31

A recent article on MSN describing 12 Superfoods for Weight Loss has the guys a bit confused.  Join in the fun and watch Kyle and Chuck's heads explode!

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