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Various diseases, and what we'd do about them

Cancer Update - Episode #51

Kyle and Chuck discuss the latest up-to-date news concerning cancer, and what you can do to help fight this horrible disease.

Ear Infections - Episode #44

Back from fall hiatus, the guys discuss this common seasonal malady that affects kids across the country.

Natural Medicine Chest - Episode #43

It's the time of year for sniffles, coughs, colds and the flu.  What's in Kyle and Chuck's medicine chests?  Watch and find out.

Pharmaceutical Tyranny - Episode #40

What supplements can you take to assist pharmaceutical drugs or offset their side effects?  The answer may surprise you ...

Breast Cancer Awareness, or Prevention? - Episode #36

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but Kyle and Chuck prefer Breast Cancer Prevention Month instead!

Chronic Migraines, Now What? - Episode #34

Kyle and Chuck discuss how to deal with migraine headaches in a 10 year old boy.  Check out these great suggestions for this all-to-common problem.

Cholesterol, The Real Story - Episode #16

More people than ever are taking cholesterol lowering medication today.  Learn what causes high cholesterol, and what those pesky 'bad' and 'good' cholesterol numbers really mean.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Episode #4

A simple, bare-bones approach to deal with a very common digestive problem.

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