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Product Reviews

Four Hour Body Diet Update - Episode #55

It's been awhile since our last show, so let's check in and see how Chuck's doing with the Four Hour Body Diet introduced in episode 53.

Review of 'Why We Get Fat' - Episode #54

The guys take a look at Gary Taubes latest book 'Why We Get Fat', an exciting book explaining why eating like the food pyramid suggests might be the worst thing we can possibly do for our ever-expanding waistlines.

The Four Hour Body Diet - Episode #53

Chuck's trying the 'slow-carb' diet described in Tim Ferriss's new book, 'The Four Hour Body'.  Find out what's involved, and see if you might want to add this to your weight loss strategy for 2011.

Our Favorites of 2010 - Episode #52

2010 introduced us to a lot of great ideas in the world of health.  Watch as Kyle and Chuck present their favorites of the year.

Raw Goat Milk - Episode #21

Chuck introduces Kyle to an amazing 'new' perfect food that's been around for thousands of years..... raw goat milk!

E3 BrainON Review - Episode #15

Kyle and Chuck test E3 BrainON, a great new blue-green algae supplement.

Superior Reds/Miracle Reds Review - Episode #13

Kyle and Chuck review Food Science of Vermont's Superior Reds, as well as MacroLife Naturals Miracle Reds.

Sinus Buster Review - Episode #11

Kyle and Chuck discuss a HOT product.... Sinus Buster!


Grass-fed Milk - Episode #9

We've all heard of grass-fed beef, but what about grass-fed milk?  Kyle discusses the benefits of milk from grass-fed cows.

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